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Gnome 15.10

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:41 pm
by darrel_jw
I have been searching for a Linux platform where BA plays nicely, and all my other stuff works well. I have tested Ubuntu Studio (all versions) Linux Mint (all versions and flavours), LXDE, XUbuntu, Plasma, XFCE and OpenBox.

I then checked out Gnome 15.10 - and it blew me away! Granted it takes more work than Linux Mint or Ubuntu Studio, but it plays absolutely beautifully! Everything works! No shadow boxes (when you hover over a verse reference or theme and you get a grey box showing before the actual pop-up), no delay. It's as fast or faster than the windows version!

OpenBox (in my opinion) had severe flaws. Plasma was very basic. Ubuntu Studio, XUbuntu and XFCE had display issues, although BA did work. Linux Mint (until at least April) is based on Ubuntu 14.04, and I have some recording tools that don't play that well on 14.04.

Then I looked at Gnome 15.10. Wow! is all I can say. Everything I use works beautifully. And BA is now my "go-to" Bible program, and it totally rocks now! So if you want a Linux flavour that is really cool - check Gnome 15.10 out.