Bible Analyzer 3.9.3 for Linux

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Bible Analyzer 3.9.3 for Linux

Post by Tim »

Bible Analyzer 3.9.3 for Linux is on the website and here, ... 3_i386.deb

This version does not have the pesky title popups,
Will use the new TSKe in the Reference Panel (if available).
Plus (most of) the new 3.9 features

The tools and module folders are now lowercase.

If you have 3.7 installed, the best way to install without complications (hopefully) is.

Move your modules from the home/USER/.bibleanalyzer folder and then delete the .bibleanalyzer folder.
Do a "complete removal" of Bible Analyzer with Package Manager.
Delete the usr/share/bibleanalyzer folder (must be sudo user)
Run the .deb file above to install
Move your modules back to the home/USER/.bibleanalyzer folder.

You can try running the new .deb on top of a 3.7 installation, but you will still have to move your extra mods (if any) to the home/USER/.bibleanalyzer/modules folder (not "Modules").
Tim Morton
Developer, Bible Analyzer

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Re: Bible Analyzer 3.9.3 for Linux

Post by paeuk »

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to say a big "thanks" for the work you put into getting the Linux 3.9.3 released. Much appreciated. Nice to have the extra features (and lack of little popups ;) ). Thanks again


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Re: Bible Analyzer 3.9.3 for Linux

Post by nymusicman »

It's been a while since I've been on the forum but thank you very much for getting this update out there.

I'm not sure if you have a requests area on the forum (I didn't see one), but one thing I would absolutely love to see is either the ability to change the font size or zoom in/zoom out of module windows. When your resolution is 1920x1200 the text size is a little small. Thanks.


I just found it in the options where you can enlarge. But I would still concur it would be nice to see zoon in/out with either CTRL +/CTRL - the way Firefox does it or even a zoom slider bar the way does it. Thanks.

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