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Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:11 am
by M-Paul
Now be patient with me, cause I only know so much about computers

However, looking at the icons for the bundles on my Desktop in Windows, they strike me as something that has to be unzipped, which is what the icons in Linux indicated, but it did not have a way to do it.

If I right click on the bundle icons in Windows, I'm not given an option to unzip. Clicking on the icons proceeds with installation; so I was assuming the files were unzipped as part of the process. But now I wonder if the unzipping has something to do with the bundles not installing.

PS- this just went to page two, but this post is a supplement to one I just made at the end of page one.

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:02 pm
by Tim
The "Display Modules Folder" is only in 3.9

I'll try to get some zips of the free mods uploaded to the website this evening or tomorrow evening.

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 6:30 pm
by M-Paul
Tim wrote:The "Display Modules Folder" is only in 3.9.
In that case, I thought I would update the 3.8 in Windows and try the modules. I thought it would be best to remove 3.8 and download 3.9. It was interesting to find that BA is not listed in Remove Programs. Then, I noted it was not in the Programs Menu from the Start button. I have a Desktop icon for it. I guess if I want to uninstall, I have to go to C: - Programs Files - and then just delete the BA folder. I guess... but who knows if that will work -- I mean Windows is weird.

I was working on something yesterday, and I had to quote a passage from Ezekiel, and I decided to do it from BA. It was hard to select the passage and hard to copy, but I got it done.

So I experimented with copying just now. The first passage I tried would not copy. I tried one further down the page and got it to work. However, sometimes on the left margin, a series of Xs appeared. I think that has to do with something on how the left margin is selected in trying to highlight the passage.

When I hit the left click button to unhighlight, a panel for Eaton comes up, and it has two buttons, which do not fully displays the words in them -- like one comes up Clos. But how do I unhighlight without getting the Eaton panel at the same time?

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:22 pm
by Tim
Now is this all in Windows? I'm can't always tell which OS your using.

The surest way to copy is select the text and hit the "Copy" button in the window toolbar. Another way is to select and right-click Copy. Another is to right-click and select export verse or export range. It will export to s-pad and also copy the verse/range to the clipboard.

TO not cause a dictionary to change when deselecting, don't click on a word. Click on an empty space.

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:37 am
by M-Paul
I do not use BA in Windows. A while back, I installed BA in the Windows XP partition of my laptop, to make certain it worked well before I put a link to your web site on my home page.

After you informed me, that I could install modules in the Windows BA and transfer them to Linux, I decided to give it a try. Then, I learned the modules do not work with 3.8 portable. I decided to install 3.9, but I found out that the 3.8 version was not listed in the Windows remove programs menu, or the Windows start programs menu. I think I can install 3.9 in addition to 3.8 in Windows, to try the module transfer thing, but I might try to uninstall 3.8 first by deleting the file from C:.When I get a few minutes between what I'm doing I just try things by whim, but maybe, I'll just wait for the Linux modules to come along.

The problems I had in copying were in the Linux BA. I have been testing the copying further, and it is all going smoothly with no problems.

I have probably tested everything I know about in Linux 3.9, with reporting my findings here in the BA forum. However, I would like to install some modules and test them, especially on the Greek and Hebrew font display. I will try some free modules, and then, I might buy one or two others. However, I'm not in any hurry to do this -- I'm just trying to cooperate with the beta testing, as I'd like to see BA become the Linux standard for bible software

If there is a portable 3.9 in Linux, I would like to test that on a thumb stick. I did test the Windows 3.8 on a thumb stick, and that was wonderful. Being able to carry resources on a thumb stick is a great advantage for me.

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:06 pm
by M-Paul
I was trying out the copying again. The control + A does not work at all. The Select All from the drop down menu only works under certain circumstances. At first, it does not work at all. If I click on a verse, and the Eaton window pops up, and I close it, a grayish highlighting remains. Then, the Select All from the drop down menu will work. If I highlight by click and drag, and then unhighlight, the Select All from the drop down menu will work.

None of this bothers me, as I am able to copy and paste by click and drag... but I just thought I'd mention what I discovered. In doing so, I saw the new thread on some modules being ready. I hope to experiment with these soon... probably tomorrow.

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:02 pm
by J.N.Mouthaan

I am very happy to see a lot of activities around the linux version of Bible Anlyzer. I am a passionate user of Ubuntu and I was stil waiting on a linux version with more tools and options than version 3.7.

When I have the opportunity, I shall test version 3.9.

In the post on Linux questions I read thusfar, I don't read anthing about running BA on Linux via Wine. When I did this last time with the windows version 3.9, I get only by installation and execution the message that text-to-speech is not availiable (maybe is it possible to install it, I have not tested it). Besides this, the program runs nice. Things that must be tested are viewing and searching in Hebrew and Greek Modules.

Tim, the Lord bless you in your work!

Johan Mouthaan

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:25 pm
by Tim
Thanks for the kind words.

The Linux edition of 3.9 doesn't have the Text-to Speech or Audio features, but it does have essentially everything else. I doubt if Bible Analyzer will ever be able to support TTS on Linux because Linux doesn't have the necessary speech engines installed. Audio may be available in the future.

We will try to get 3.9 officially released for Linux soon.

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:06 am
by hamdo
I have successfully installed BA 3.9 in a laptop running Ubuntu 10.04, It works great. I managed to install all the free :D modules without using windows. I accomplished this by downloading each of the exe files and right clicking over them and selecting the file roller as the way to open them and extracting to the content of these self extracting files.

However I did experience a slight misunderstanding as you need to copy the modules into the home/user/.bibleanalyzer/modules directory, while I was copying over to the usr/share/bibleanalyzer/modules one. But after realizing my mistake it managed to index the modules and worked fine.

Another slight problem that occured to me was that after denying to save the changed in the s-pad to a new file, and quitting after trying to run the BA 3.9 it failed to load. Running from the command line showed that in the .ini file there was a expected filename in the lastsaved option, so I pointed it to the notes.usr file and it loaded again.

So far so good, If Lord willing, will try and see how it works on other Linux plataform, namely Fedora using wine to help other linux entusiasts to be able to instal this very nice software. Thanks for reading

Re: BA 3.9 impressions

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:33 am
by Tim
Good on the installation of the modules. I figured there was a way to extract the exe files (they are really just archives). Anyway with v4 we will have links for .tar.bz2 versions of the files for Linux users.

We had to change the modules location because of permissions. The module creator utility could not place them in the usr/share folder and the deb file could not place them in the home/USER folder. That is a big drawback to .deb, files they are simply an archive and have no way I can find of determining the user folder on installation. So the deb installs to usr/share and on first run Bible Analyzer copies them to home/USER. In v4 we will have the official modules in usr/share and the users modules in home/USER.

Sometimes one has to delete the config.ini file to be able to start up. I'll look into it.

Thanks for your interest. I tried converting the .deb to an .rpm for other Linux distros, but have no way to test it.