formatting word list output

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formatting word list output

Post by kenfhill84083 »

I like the word list feature. But the output format does not match my typical use. Many words have the Strong's number cobbled onto the end. It is hard for my old eyes to parse:

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onlyg3440         1
perishedg622      1
pitiedg1652       1
raisedg1453       4
resurrectiong386  1
I have to paste the list from the csv file into a text editor and do regex search-replace operations to (1) separate the words from the numbers and (2) align the numbers afterwards.

Is there any way I can tweak something in BA to streamline this process?


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Re: formatting word list output

Post by Tim »

Be sure you are only using the standard AV Bible to build the list, not the AVs. Just be sure the AV Bible is selected before you generate the list.
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