1873 Cambridge KJV

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1873 Cambridge KJV

Post by MPaul » Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:33 pm

Here is an interesting quote on the Cambridge KJV from a post in a Baptist forum found at this link --
The 1873 KJV is one of the most highly praised and acclaimed editions ever printed by Cambridge. KJV defender Edward Hills noted: "In the 19th century the most important edition of the King James Version was the Cambridge Paragraph Bible (1873), with F. H. A. Scrivener as its editor" (KJV Defended, p. 217). David Norton indicated that Scrivener was “more conservative” as an editor than Blayney was (Textual History, p. 124). Norton described this 1873 edition by Scrivener as “by far the most substantial and responsible work on the text after the work of the translators themselves” (p. 122). W. F. Moulton maintained that "the Cambridge Paragraph Bible, edited by Dr. Scrivener, is the classic edition of the Authorised Version, and is a monument of minute accuracy and unsparing labour" (History of the English Bible, p. 211). Dean John Burgon wrote: “English readers are reminded that Dr. Scrivener’s is the only classical edition of the English Bible” (Revision Revised, p. 238 note). In its review of this 1873 Cambridge edition in 1878, The London Quarterly Review stated: “The true restorers are critics like Dr. Scrivener, who set themselves to remove modern additions and bring out the original fabric in its ancient form and outline. Such a work demands high qualifications of learning, judgment, and discriminative skill, as well as great care and labour; and of all these the present work furnishes conspicuous proof” (Vol. 49, p. 451). J. Boyes asserted: “The Cambridge Paragraph Bible, edited by Dr. Scrivener, has been rightly designated the classic edition of the authorised version, and certainly seems to have reached as high a pitch of excellence as the version is capable of attaining” (Englishman’s Bible, p. 121). In 1885, P. W. Raidabaugh wrote: “The most accurate edition, in all respects, of the Authorized Version ever published is the one issued from the Cambridge Press in 1873, under the editorship of the Rev. F. H. Scrivener” (History, p. 62). In 1912, John Brown asserted that Scrivener’s 1873 edition “has ever since been regarded, as for correctness, the standard text of the Authorised Version” (History, p. 111). William Mounce maintained that this 1873 edition is “the best English KJV text” (Greek for the Rest of Us, p. 169). Donald Brake wrote: “Scrivener’s edition was the most accurate of all the Authorized Bibles” (Visual History of the English Bible, p. 215). David Daniell referred to this 1873 edition as an “important and elaborate attempt to publish a trustworthy text of King James’ version” (Bible in English, p. 691). Henry Barker wrote: “The best modern critical edition of the Authorized Version of 1611 is Dr. Scrivener’s Cambridge Edition of 1873” (English Bible, p. 187). The introduction of the 2001 Strongest Strong's Concordance identified it as "the best modern edition of KJV" (p. x). This introduction noted that "Scrivener was commissioned by Cambridge University Press to create a standardized edition of the KJV to eliminate all of the errors and inconsistencies that had crept into the text" (p. x). In Oxford University Press’s new book entitled Bible The Story of the King James Version 1611-2011, Gordon Campbell maintained that “the quality of Scrivener’s text in the Cambridge Paragraph Bible is high” (p. 180).

In a footnote, David Norton noted that this 1873 edition “was used as the text for the finely-printed Doves Press limited edition of 1905” (Textual History, p. 123). Edwin Rumball-Petre described the 1903-1905 Doves Press Bible edited by Scrivener as “one of the typographical masterpieces of all time” (Rare Bibles, p. 24). The text of this 1873 KJV edition was also used as the text in The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges that was printed in the early 1900‘s. In his history of Bible printing at Cambridge, W. H. T. Wredesuggested that Scrivener’s edition “remains the standard of the Authorised Version text at Cambridge” to his present day (Short History, p. 18). In his 1902 Book of Psalms, A. F. Kirkpatrick referred to Scrivener’s as “the standard edition of the A.V. from which the text in this edition is taken” (p. lxi). Jack Lewis maintained that “Blayney’s [1769] edition became the standard edition until the publication of the Cambridge Paragraph Bible, edited by Scrivener in 1873” (English Bible, p. 39).
I love this Bible. It is just fantastic because it gives the KJV translators alternative translations of verses and because of the way it sets out poetic parallel verses. I do not think any KJV compares with it. But it is very expensive – even the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible.

The original Cambridge bible is on line, but it is difficult to navagate, because it is so big --


The Zondervan KJV Study Bible is the Cambridge bible, but with the NIV Study Bible notes. Hmm... do I actually like the NIV Study Bible? I don't know. However, at least the Zondervan edition is reasonably priced.

I know Tim likes the 1769 KJV the best. However, it sure would be nice to have the Cambridge in BA. Tim posted once that he would make a module out of nearly anything in the public domain. The Cambridge is an extremely important edition of the KJV, and everyone should know about it. Having it surely would raise the prestige of BA a lot. So... just a suggestion.

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Re: 1873 Cambridge KJV

Post by Tim » Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:15 pm

Ii would make a module from this if the text is available digitally, but I suspect the text (words) is little or no different that the existing KJVs.

The alternate translations of the 1611 translators can be found in the AV1611 edition we offer.
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Re: 1873 Cambridge KJV

Post by MoreCoffee » Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:50 pm

The 1873 edition (without apocrypha) is available at fairly lost cost from Hendrickson Bibles; a bonded leather edition has ISBN 13-978-1-59856-099-2.

I hope this information is helpful.

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