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Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 10:35 pm
by kathleenmarie
Because of Covid, life is becoming more virtual for many of us, and some of us are joining online Bible study groups. The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan is a popular one for groups to choose to read together, and the one used at an online Baptist forum that I just joined.

Would it be possible to add this plan or another plan that is popular with denominations that value the KJV and the type of books available in BA?

I am typing in the references by hand, but especially when I try to copy and paste in Linux and convert text into links, I am getting some errors.

I can only imagine how busy you are. Feel free to ignore me. LOL. I am just throwing this out there as a New Year wish list. It might be worth a short video which could be an advertisement. Start the new year right sort of stuff.