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The Companion Bible

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You can more than likely add The Companion Bible by Dr. E. W. Bullinger. I know it is KJV and the copyright surely has ran out by now. I have been told that he believed in soul sleep and was into hyper-dispensationalism. That being said he dose have some good study notes as well as a few bad study notes. As far as I know no other Bible software has The Companion Bible.

You could download the whole Companion Bible at the link below. You can save these file to your PC.

These guys have the CD for $7.99 and $1.25 postage. I may buy one of these today.

This seems to load faster and better, but i do not think you can save the files to your PC. You may buy the CD with The Companion Bible in PDF from the same folks. It only cost $19.95.

Here is where you can get the CD if you'd like to do so.

This may or may not be something you'd like to add. It's just a suggestion. Check it out and see what you think.


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Re: The Companion Bible

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Yes, I am interested in the Companion Bible. Bullinger did have a few odd doctrines but there is a great deal of information in his material. The appendices to the CB are available now for Bible Analyzer. I did them a couple years ago.

Depending on the format of the files, one may be able to make a commentary module from the inline notes fairly easily. I've had a hard copy of the CB for around 20 years. If you get a CD, let me know what the text looks like.
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