Installed but not opening

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Installed but not opening

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Downloaded the 5.4 file, installed without any issues when I attempt to open the program I get:
Screenshot 2020-09-21 114207.jpg
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Re: Installed but not opening

Post by epement »

Hello, typender. The common way to resolve problems during installation is to do something like this. This applies to many situations, not just Bible Analyzer:
  1. Reboot (restart) the computer and try running the application again
  2. If the same error still occurs, uninstall the program entirely
  3. Reboot the computer after the uninstall completes
  4. Consider disabling your anti-virus program for the next re-install
  5. With no other programs running (or as few as possible), reinstall the program
  6. Re-enable the anti-virus program if you turned it off
  7. Try running the application one last time.
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