(Linux) Module Download Mgr column resize and Descrip

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(Linux) Module Download Mgr column resize and Descrip

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I am using Bible Analyzer v5.2.1.25 for Linux (o.s. is Linux Mint 19.3, based on Ubuntu 18.04). Three issues here:

(1) In the table of boxes, Description, Date, and Type, the Date column cannot be resized. E.g., if the cursor is on the bar between Description and Date, it turns into a double-headed arrow, suggesting that the column can be resized. But it is not possible to resize the column. However, the bar between Date and Type _can_ be resized.

(2) Description of items is not expanded. Control-Click over an item Description should bring up the full description, but it does not. E.g., American Standard Version 1901 v1.1; Bishops Bible 1568; International Standard Version 2012; and Lighthouse Bible all have a partial description followed by "cont." suggesting that there is more information elsewhere. But a full description of the items is not in the Download Manager, is not on the BA web site under Modules, and is not on the Store either. Can the Long Description for the free items at least be on the Module section, if there is not room for them in the Manager?

(3) The Quick Help button on the bottom right has no color or label (like "Help"), so it's easy to miss.
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Re: (Linux) Module Download Mgr column resize and Descrip

Post by darrel_jw »

You might want to download and install the latest 5.4.1 for Linux. It might fix your issues.


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