colour schemes for BA? howto

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colour schemes for BA? howto

Post by len »

Hi, I am finding it difficult to change the colour scheme for the bible program, it is too dark for me to use properly .... it does not seem to be tied to my linux Mint 19.2 theme as I have tried changing that to a lighter one, and I have tried changing the single colour selections in the tools or view section as well but no good..... any suggestions please would be welcome. Thanks

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Re: colour schemes for BA? howto

Post by RobertRathbone »

Tim will have to confirm this, but you seem to be suffering from an issue caused by underlying library changes in the OS. The GUI library that BA is based on has to be updated to be compatible with these changes and Tim has a beta version of BA with these changes, but it requires an upgrade of the OS to support the changes in BA and the libraries that it is based on.

See these threads for more information:


These are just a few threads. I suggest browsing through the "Linux Matters" and "5.4 Beta Testing" subforums for more complete view of how things stand.

Hope that helps...

Robert Rathbone

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