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ScripturePad Editor

Post by srice »

I have tried using the ScripturePad Editor off and on over the years. I'm on Mac, so I don't know if that present any problems. However the ScripturePad Editor has always been a bit buggy for me. I keep formatting my text, and it removes the linebreaks randomly. When I open the xml file in a text editor for coding, I see that it is based on version 1.0 of They are on version 3.1.x. Perhaps this is something on my Mac I need to upgrade, or install? Is this something in the Bible Analyzer Program that needs upgraded, or something on my Mac that needs upgraded? Or perhaps this isn't the issue at all, and there is something completely different. I want to be able to use it... however, in it's current state, it isn't stable. FYI, running on the 5.2 version of BA, not the beta.
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Re: ScripturePad Editor

Post by Tim »

Yes, the wxWidgets control behind ScripturePad does have some issues. It can sometimes be erratic. I have tried to smooth some of the issues, but other are more deeply embedded.

The version # is for the xml format itself, not the wx version. It has not been changed since its initial release. Bible Analyzer v5.2 is based on v3.0 of wxWidgets.

I will look at it some more and see if I can soften some more of the issues.
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