Module Download Manager does not sort on date

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Module Download Manager does not sort on date

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This is a bug report on the Module Download Manager for Bible Analyzer v5.4.0.50 for Linux (not tested in Windows)

When all the items are displayed, there is an option to sort by Date either in ascending or descending format. However, the sort routine does not actually sort by date, because the dates are displayed in M-D-YYYY format instead of the ISO format of YYYY-MM-DD. See the screen shot below, which is supposed to be an ascending sort:

In a real ascending sort by date, the years would sort as 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 . . . etc.

Since Bible Analyzer is used internationally, and since the format 12/04/2021 could represent either Dec 4 or April 12, depending on what country one is from, could the date structures be changed to 2021/12/04, which is never ambiguous?

I expect that changing the date presentation may be sufficient to resolve the sorting problem. (Maybe not, since I do not know how the dates are actually stored.) Thanks in advance.
Eric Pement
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