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Bible Analyzer 5.2 Released

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:57 pm
by Tim
Bible Analyzer v5.2 has been released and is ready to go (I think). You can get it here,

Here are the main new features,

General Features

* New QuickView Panel which is an alternative place to view popup data. It is toggled with the Q button in the main toolbar. The panel can be moved about anywhere or floated as a separate window.
* The Dct and Cmt tabs that contain the current topic now have a yellow highlight rather than book icons.
* Can move tabs around in Bible, Dict, and Cmt panels. Just click and drag the tab. (Must be in same panel)
* Bible, Dict, and Cmt tabs can be renamed on right-click.
* New item on right-click to "Export current verse from all Bibles to MultiWindow".
* New Wordform Chart in search results when more than one word is searched for or if wildcards are used.
* The "D" Button in Dct and Cmt toolbars will now set the current title as default.
* New option in Prefs/Font Properties to change the search hit color.

WordStudy and New Strong's Features

* A dropdown menu with the Strong's Button. It allows selection of alternate words and links in place of Strong's Numbers.
* Mutual Word Highlighting is possible in the Bible panel with the Alt key down. For non Strong Bibles the highlighting is word based and green. For Bibles with Strong's Numbers the markup is Strong's based and blue in color. This works in Dual View and Parallel View as well.
* Added a Morphology button (M) in the Bible Toolbar. This only works with texts that have morphology info (TRi at present, Hebrew is forth coming).
* With new the Word Study Dictionary (WSD) as default, one can simply click a Greek word or morphology code and view the data in the dictionary. With the Ctrl key down and hovering over a word or code the data will display in a popup or QuickView panel.

To better understand these new features, watch these two demonstration videos on Youtube. This one shows the general new features,

and this one shows the wordstudy features,

For some of the neat wordstudy features to work, the Strong's Dictionaries (StrongEx) must be installed. They are available in the WordStudy Bundle.

Thanks to all who helped with this release!

I will begin work on the Linux and Macintosh editions soon.

Re: Bible Analyzer 5.2 Released

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:46 pm
by Shaynos
TAB MOVING IS GREAT! Mine don't seem to want to stay put where I put them, :( but I can move them back again and again and again.
I really like the idea and have been wanting it. Also I have duplicates and being able to delete them is nice but it takes the other one away as well.
Also in looking up the word "defence" in Isaiah 4:5 its not in any of the dictionaries or duplicates. The Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 (both of them) does say, "See Defense." Which will do, and then most the other tabs highlight as well but not the 1828a nor the kj-wordbook or kj-wordlist which seems odd because in the kjv it IS spelled with a "C" and "S". And looking at the definition there in the 1828 it says,"The Almighty is the defense of the righteous. Psa 1ix." Can't find that reference or the sentence either. Psa 7:7-8 may be closest ... online at it says, "Ps. 1ix." ... has the ref as Psalms 59:16... {I think I'm wasting every-bodies time so last edit ~esn}
This sort of thing is probably ME. It seems I often look for things "between the cracks" and I'll usually find things not looked for, but useful, if I was looking for that thing.
You have a wonderful gift Bro. Morton... mine not so much. GOD bless you and your work and you and your folks are in our prayers...thank you ~ esn.

Re: Bible Analyzer 5.2 Released

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:12 am
by Tim
Thanks for the kind words.

The best way to deal with duplicate modules is to delete one of them. Right click on a tab a find the file location, and then go there and delete it.

Re: Bible Analyzer 5.2 Released

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:21 pm
by Tim
I just uploaded a minor bug fix for v5.2 ( It corrects,
  • an issue with image display in the Image Viewer on some systems
    an issue starting BA when closed with the Parallel Tab selected
    an issue with the popups when hovering over names in People Dialog in AVp people search
I added a new feature which shoould have been in all along with the implementation of the QuickView Panel,
  • When the QV Panel is shown holding the Shift key down will prevent the QV panel from updating while moving the mouse. This allows data to remain in the panel and not be over-written until the SHift key is released and the cursor is over another link.
    Also, now the user can make multiple selections and toggle check/uncheck with the spacebar in the Library Search/Select Group Titles Dialog, Multiple Bible Search Dialog, and Parallel Bible selection Dialog
Just download the normal setup file and run to update.