Updated LEB and ISV Bibles and Pending NASB

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Updated LEB and ISV Bibles and Pending NASB

Post by Tim »

There is an updated LEB module up with the headings at the top and a couple other fixes. Also, added links to the cross-refs when in inline view. When v4.7 comes out it will also display the marked "idioms" in the text.

Also, made a better ISV module with links and a couple fixes.


(Only Windows installers for now. Will get the Mac and Linux up a little later.)

We have received many requests to distribute some of the newer Bible translations so after some inquires we have received permission to distribute the NASB Bible and the NAS Exhaustive Dictionary/Concordance. We will release them soon. The publisher (Lockman) requires they be sold so there will be a charge for them. The LEB and ISV are recent translations as well, but free for us to distribute.

We also inquired about the ESV, but Crossway demanded a large monentary "advance" and a larger royalty per sale, so we declined.

When I get time I'll post some of the encounters we have had with "Christian Publishers."
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Re: Updated LEB and ISV Bibles and Pending NASB

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Thanks for updating these Bibles. I use both of these translations a lot for Old Testament studies. They both compare the Masoretic text with the LXX and the dead sea scrolls. The translation notes are very useful.

In many places the LXX and the Hebrew text in the dead sea scrolls is more Messianic than the Hebrew text most of our English translations come from.


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