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Bible Analyzer 4.2 Released

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Dear Bible Analyzer Users and Subscribers,

We have just released Bible Analyzer Version 4.2 plus one premium bundle and a free bundle.

For a demonstration of the new features and modules with Bible Analyzer 4.2, watch this video, .

Audio/TTS Bible Reading

One of the new features of v4.2 is we have updated the Audio Player so a user can select any folder to play audio files (.mid, .mp3, .wav). We also added a button for a dedicated Sermon folder.

Also, Bible Analyzer will now scroll the page with the reading of the Bible and highlight each verse, either using a Text-To-Speech voice or set of audio files (such as Scourby). See this video for a demonstration,

The new audio reading feature was primarily designed around the Alexander Scourby MP3 set of the whole Bible. This set is currently available from Amazon on 6 CDs for less than $12 from this link,

KJV Scourby Complete Bible Audio MP3 CDS

Simply copy all the MP3 folders/files under a common folder on your hard drive, register the audio folder in Preferences/Audio Options, select a verse, chapter, or book, and then you can hear Scourby read the KJV while Bible Analyzer scrolls along. Reading can also start with any verse within a chapter.

Audio files by many other readers should work as well, but have not been confirmed.

Bible Footnote Popups

Bible Texts so equipped can now display footnote indicators as numbers within the text. When the cursor is placed over an indicator, the footnote will display in a popup. With some Bible texts, such as the NET Notes, clicking the indicator will cause the note to display in the Commentary Panel.

We currently have two Bible modules with footnotes, a new, updated Authorized Version module, and the NET Full and Partial Notes Bundles. Of course the AV module is free and is is our new standard AV1769 text which will be distributed with Bible Analyzer. There are both free and premium versions of the NET Notes.

Enhanced Copy/Paste & Export

Text copied from ScripturePad and User Notes will now retain text formatting such as bold, italic, text color, etc. when pasted into a "rich text" application such as Wordpad.

Also, exported Bible verses (using right-click) will be copied to the Windows clipboard with the formatting specified in Preferences as well as pasted into ScripturePad.

Harry Ironside Commentary/Audio
Premium Bundle

We now have available a Commentary/Book/Audio set by the noted 20th century pastor/author H. A. Ironside. Dr. Ironside's comments are Premillennial, Dispensational, and Fundamental in doctrine. The bundle includes essentially all of his verse comments available, spanning over 50 books of the Bible. The bundle also contains five of Dr. Ironsides best books. As a bonus the bundle also includes five MP3 audio messages spoken by Dr. Ironside himself. These will be installed in the new Sermon folder and can be played in the Audio Player or any other MP3 player.

Ironside Bundle Contents (11):

Ironside Comments and Notes (13MB) - Commentary
Ironside-Eternal Security - Book
Ironside-Except Ye Repent - Book
Ironside-The 400 Silent Years - Book
Ironside-Not Wrath, But Rapture - Book
Ironside-Wrongly Dividing The Word - Book
Ironside-Behold The Lamb - Audio
Ironside-Boast Not - Audio
Ironside-Charge That To My Account - Audio
Ironside-Redeemed - Audio
Ironside-This Do - Audio

See the video demonstration at the right. The entire commentary set and audio mesages are available for immediate download for only $5 by using this special link

More Modules and Updates

Both the NET Partial and Full Notes modules have been updated to utilize the new footnote feature above. The Partial Notes Bundle is free (NET Partial Notes). Purchasers of the Full Notes Bundle can get a free update by contacting us.

Note: The text of the NET Notes has NOT been updated; only the module format was updated to utilize the new footnote features.

We also have a new free book module bundle: The Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer. This bundle contains all 8 volumns with 118 chapters.

The Word-Clouds Images have been updated to correct a few link errors.

Upgrading Bible Analyzer

Current users of Bible Analyzer v4 can upgrade by going to the Help Menu/Check For Update and downloading and running the update. The update includes the new AV Bible module with embedded footnotes.

The complete setup edition can be found here,
Tim Morton
Developer, Bible Analyzer

But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. (Rom 4:5 AV)

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