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New Commentaries

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The Lord has allowed us to develop two new and exclusive commentary modules over the past few weeks,

* Understanding The Bible, Commentary, By Dr. David Sorenson
* The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Expanded and Enhanced

Understanding The Bible (UTB)

The UTB commentary is the fruit of David H. Sorenson, B.A., M. Div., D. Min., president of Northstar Ministries in Duluth Minnisota. Dr. Sorenson is a third-generation fundamental Baptist preacher who in preparation for this work read the Bible through over 200 times. He is a pastor, church planter, soul winner, church builder, and a widely-read author whose writing style is eminently readable.

Ten Years in the making, Understanding the Bible was not written for scholars or academia, but for pastors and Christian workers out on the firing line. Nevertheless, scholarship and accurate exposition of the Scriptures are intrinsic. Sunday School teachers, church staff, Christian school teachers, home schoolers, and any student of the Word of God will also find Understanding the Bible to be most helpful.

The main difference between the UTB and other available commentaries is its literal approach to the Scriptures and its emphasis on sound, fundamental doctrine. Nearly all commentaries available in digital form today lack these essential qualities,

* Dispensational in Theology
* Pre-Trib Rapture
* Pre-Millennial
* King James/Traditional-Text based
* Baptism by Immersion
* Six-day Literal Creation
* Literal in Hermeneutics
* Concise Style of Writing
* Discreet use of Original Languages
* Tackles Difficult Passages
* Comprehensive and Expositional
* Useful for Pastors and Laymen

With over 8300 pages in 11 volumes, the UTB commentary is a comprehensive work.

The introductory price is $99.95.
The normal price for the PDF version is $125 at

Dr. Sorenson has also allowed us to offer separate Old Testament ($59.95) and New Testament ($49.95) modules.

Go to our Modules Page for more details or
to the Bible Analyzer Store to order.

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced (TSKe)

The TSKe is a major enhancement of the original TSK. Of all the commentaries, notes, outlines, etc. that have been printed as aids to Bible study and research, the TSK/TSKe is arguably the most valuable because it allows the Bible to explain and interpret itself. Since the Bible is its own best interpreter, the Bible Analyzer TSKe module reveals the most relevant cross-references of any verse with a mouseover or single mouse-click.

The Lord allowed us at to greatly expanded the standard TSK primarily by,

* Making Essentially All Cross-References Reciprocal
* Adding Reference Headings to Reciprocal References
* Adding References to Verses that Previously had None
* Correcting Malformed and Orphaned References
* and More.

By reciprocal references we mean references that mutually refer to each other.

Here are a few statistics of the changes:

Original TSK--TSK Enhanced
Total References 381,775--670,558--288,783 More References!
Verses with References 29,648--30,593--945 More Verses!
Reference Headings 66,291--356,007-- 289,716 More (w/Reciprocals)!
Verses with Reciprocals 1675--28,963--27,288 More Verses!

Apart from the Authorized Version of the Bible itself and a good English Dictionary (Webster's 1828), we believe the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced is the most valuable Bible study resource one can posses.

Because it is such an essential resource, it is available Absolutely Free from our Modules Page.

Minor Bible Analyzer Update (3.9.3)

We have also updated the Bible Analyzer application to allow the TSKe to be used by default in the Reference Panel if found. If not found, the original TSK will be used.

Also we have fixed a few minor bugs.
Tim Morton
Developer, Bible Analyzer

But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. (Rom 4:5 AV)

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Re: New Commentaries

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We have uploaded a six chapter sampler of the UTB commentary. It is available on the Modules Page.
Tim Morton
Developer, Bible Analyzer

But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. (Rom 4:5 AV)

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Re: New Commentaries

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HI Brother

Will you ever have John Phillip's commentaries available?

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