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Bugs in the Linux version

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:18 pm
by bromichaelhenry

I'm using Kubuntu 14.04 64 bit, with the latest BA successfully installed.

I have run across a couple of minor bugs.

The first ones are various words are getting chopped off. The are in several places. I've included screenshots of a couple of the places.
ba1.png (42.34 KiB) Viewed 16139 times
ba3.png (72.21 KiB) Viewed 16139 times
The next bug is lack of graphics in some books. I downloaded the modules from the Download Manager (the screen shot is Max Younce Evolution) and none of the graphics show. It's like the graphics are in another location. Where does BA expect the images for books and I can move them to the correct location.
ba7.png (30.9 KiB) Viewed 16139 times
Also, I just want to thank you for an excellent program. It's currently the best program available on the Linux platform. Thank you for continuing to make it available for Linux Christians.

In the Messiah's Name

Bro. Michael Henry

Re: Bugs in the Linux version

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:25 am
by Tim
Window layout is one of the things among Linux distros that is not consistent. With various font sizes, button sizes, and other control sizes and layouts often things won't fit or flow off the window. Most Bible Analyzer windows can be resized and sizing them big enough to hold everything is about all one can do.

Concerning the image issues, we will look into it.


Re: Bugs in the Linux version

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:36 am
by bromichaelhenry
Thanks for the reply Tim.

As to the display issues, thank you. It was the fonts that was causing the issue. Changing fonts fixed the problem program wide.

Again thank you.

In the Messiah's Name