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Font Properties

Post by John45 »

I tried to change the S-Pad font to Segoe UI. I made the change, saved it, and pressed OK. I went back into it and the font was still Verdana. I have not been able to discover a way to make this change. I am using the latest beta which, when I go to About Bible Analyzer, says I am using This is rather curious since the last download said it was for :D

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Re: Font Properties

Post by Tim »

Yes, another brother emailed me of a similar issue. I found the problem and it will be fixed in the next beta. The settings in Preferences/Font properties will set the default font face and size when a new page is generated on SPad. The font button on the SPad toolbar will change any selected text or begin the new font attributes at the cursor position if no selection.

It may be a couple days before the new beta is up.

p.s. I uploaded .026 without announcing it.
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