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Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:21 am
by Tim
Bible Analyzer 5 Beta

After many months of development version 5 of Bible Analyzer is almost ready for release, I hope. First we want to issue a public beta version to iron out any remaining bugs or oversights. v5 is built on an updated version of wxPython that has some incompatibilities with the version Bible Analyzer v4 was built upon, but we think all of these have been resolved.

This beta uses the Portable edition folder structure. This is so everything will be contained in one folder making it much easier manage for testing. To install, simple extract the the contents of the archive to a folder and run the BibleAnalyzer5.exe file.

The beta will only include the AV Bible and a few other small modules, plus the User Manual. To install more titles you can use the Download Manager or copy files from an existing installation of v4.9 to the beta Modules folder.

Here is the beta file (updated to v028, 4/23/15),

If you get any errors or crashes, send the error report on to us or post them in this forum and we will address them.

There is a series of videos on this page to demonstrate many of the new features,

New Features and Updates
Bible Text Markup
Bible text in the Bible Window can be marked up with highlighting using six different colors. Markup can be nested; colors can be within other colors.

Only Bible words can be highlighted. Not headings, footnotes or other text. Whole words will be marked even if a partial word is selected. Highlighting can span verses, but down-click and up-click must be on a Bible word.

User markup data can be saved or exported as static files or for later importation. Saved markup data files can be imported. All current user markup will be deleted on import.

Both Static and User markup can be separately navigated forward and backward from the View Menu or by shortcut keys. The next marked verse will become the Current Verse.

Markup in the AV Bible can be shared with other AV editions, including the AVp and AVs for now. When the option in Preferences is checked, markup from the AV will be used in the AVp and AVs. When not checked the AVp and AVs will be marked separately.

Advanced Concept Filtering
Advanced Concept Filtering (ACF) is a powerful new utility for filtering a verse list, such as search results and Bible text, according to multiple terms assigned to a topic.

Search Results can be exported to the list display and when any topic in the topics list is checked the verse list is filtered by the terms/words under each topic. One or more terms must be in the verse for it to be displayed. Multiple topics can be checked to further filter the list.

The Topics List terms can be added to or edited with a right-click. New topics with terms can be added.
The Whole Bible, OT, or NT can be filtered when loaded with the appropriate button.

Words can be added to a Topic from the Right-Click Context Menu. The Current Bible book or chapter can be loaded into the ACF Utility as well.

Filtered lists can be exported to the Multiwindow (with formatting), a .txt file, a .pll file (for the Parallel Generator), and .smd for Static Bible Markup.

Topic/Verse Lists
The Topic List for the Dictionaries and the Reference List for the Commentaries have been replaced with a filtering drop-down Suggestion Control in each toolbar.

When characters are entered into the control entry the Topics or Verses are filtered and results displayed in the list. When the down button is clicked, the unfiltered contents of the list are displayed, scrolled to the nearest entry in the control entry.

The ScripturePad menu has been moved from the Main Menu to a down arrow in the first position of the ScripturePad Toolbar.

The ScripturePad Toolbar has been modified with new icons and addition of Indent and Bullet Buttons. The Copy and Print Buttons have been removed to conserve space. These functions can be quickly accessed from the ScripturePad Menu or by keyboard shortcuts.

A quick export to ScripturePad has been added. Click anywhere in a verse and drag a selection to anywhere in another verse and release. Then click Export Verse Range to ScripturePad (or Insert key) in the Control Menu, and it will export the complete verses in the range. It is the same as from the right-click export menu.

Search Results
The Search Results have been reformatted with alternating colors for each result line plus the reference is to the left of the verse text. The Book Hit Chart has been slightly modified to be more concise.

A Toggle Button has been added to the Results Toolbar allowing a snippet of each Search Results line to be displayed in usually a single line. The snippet span will center on the first hit word with a 5, 7, 10, and 14 word total span, depending on window size. Unchecking the button will restore full verse display.

Search Results Data can be exported to an Interactive Chart by clicking the button on the Results Toolbar. The chart will show a small rectangle for every chapter of the Bible and each chapter with a search hit will be colored dark red. On mouseover a popup will display all verses in the chapter with a hit. Clicking the rectangle will display a new chart of the selected book with each rectangle representing a verse.

A Manage Button has been added to the MultiWindow to allow management of the pages in the History. Pages can be checked to be deleted or merged into a new page, or copied to the clipboard.

Search words or phrase can be marked by highlight in all MW pages using the Find Button in the Manage Dialog.

All MW pages in History can be saved to file and reloaded using the Manage Dialog. Thus an entire Study session can be saved and reloaded.

Daily Journal
A Daily Journal Editor has been added to the Devotions Window. It is linked to the current date and the date can be changed with the popup calender. Basic markup buttons are available plus Bible references can be linked as in ScripturePad.

All journal entries can be exported to a RTF file for viewing in other editors.

Preview Display in MultiWindow
A Preview Button has been placed on the Dct and Cmt Toolbars. Clicking it will display the titles of all texts which have the Topic or Verse in the MultiWindow. When the cursor is over a title a preview will popup showing the first lines of the entry. A click will open the entry in the corresponding Dct or Cmt Window.
An option has been added to Preferences/Options II to have the MultiWindow display Preview Data with every change of the Current Word or Current Ref. Clicking the Preview Button will not be necessary.
This will allow the Bible (or other window) to be maximized within the Bible Analyzer frame and still have access to Dct/Cmt data via the MultiWindow.

The "Show Dct/Cmt in MultiWindow" option has been removed. Dct and Cmt pages can be exported to the MultiWindow for essentially the same effect. All pages exported to the MultiWindow are saved in a history and can be recalled.

Other Features
User Notes can now be searched from a button in the Notes Toolbar.

Library Search in the Master Control will now allow custom title selections for searching. When the Select Titles button is clicked a dialog will display where the desired titles can be checked. By default the current title under each group will be selected.

The Dictionary and Commentary Toolbars now have a Search Button which will open the Library Search tab in Master Control and select the current title for searching.

The right-click context menu will now display in the editors, including the Journal, ScripturePad, and User Notes.

The Parallel Generator now can display Heading Text along with the compiled Bible data. This is done by adding text between <hd> tags in the .pll file.

The User Notes can now be synced to a different verse from the Current Verse. Now notes can be entered under the desired verse even if the current or active verse is being changed (by clicking references, etc.) The Current Notes Reference will be listed in the Results Panel Caption area.

The Jump Button (J) in the main Toolbar has been removed. Nearly the same action can be performed by other methods. If the user has a Bible, Dct. Cmt. or Results Panel maximized and clicks on a word or verse, the corresponding Panel (a reference to the Bible panel; a word to the Dct Panel) will be displayed. If this action is not desired the Sync Button in the Dct or Cmt toolbar must be toggled off then the maximized panel will not be changed.

Thanks for your interest and help in this.

Re: Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:20 am
by Tim
Here is an updated exe, v5.0.021,

You must have the initial zip download folder in the first post installed, then replace the bibleanalyzer5.exe file with this one.

Master Control Panel will now start without an error (this was a configuration issue)
Tweaked the Export Format Display in Preferences to correctly show formatting.

Re: Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:06 pm
by Tim
Here is an updated beta with a couple fixes/changes,
Here is an updated exe, v5.0.022,

Follow the instruction above to install. I also updated the initial zip file in the first post that contains all the necessary files. It also includes three static markup files in the Modules folder so that feature can be tested. Just click the dropdown arrow by the Highlight Button to load them.

When the Notes search button is clicked in the Notes Toolbar focus will be on the Search Entry Box. Also added a "Done" Button.
Will handle popups better on multiple monitor systems. The popup should appear in the same display as the mouse cursor. Popups should not be split between displays.
Some other internal code changes.

Re: Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:08 pm
by Tim
Here is an updated beta with a some more fixes/changes,
Here is an updated exe, v5.0.024,

Follow the instruction above to install. I also updated the initial zip file in the first post that contains all the necessary files.

Fixed is the displayed page is always exported to the MultiWindow.
(Before pages loaded from the Verse Index Panel did not export correctly.)
Fixed a couple more indexing issues and some minor things.
Added a new video on User Notes and the Journal on the videos page.

Hopefully, v5 is getting close to being ready for release.

Re: Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:10 pm
by Tim
Here is an updated beta with a some more fixes/changes,
Here is an updated exe, v5.0.025,

Fixed the issue with the commentary toolbar disappearing
Fixed the searching crash on a fresh install without an initial config.ini file

Re: Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:36 pm
by Tim
Here is an updated beta with some more fixes/changes,
Here is the updated exe, v5.0.027,

This beta has the export formatting around red letters fixed, I think.
The settings in Preferences/Font properties will set the default font face and size when a new page is generated on ScripturePad. The font button on the ScripturePad toolbar will change any selected text or begin the new font attributes at the cursor position if no selection.

Re: Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:40 pm
by Tim
Here is an updated beta with some more fixes/changes,
Here is the updated exe, v5.0.028,


Searching issue with a footnote indicator in a selection
Crash when hovering over a reference in search results with a regular expression search
Worked on export format of red letter text to ScripturePad some more

Re: Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:00 am
by Tim
Here is an updated beta with some more fixes/changes,
Here is the updated exe, v5.0.029,

Fixed export format of red letter text to ScripturePad.
Fixed issue where no selection could be made if single title under the Books tab.
Fixed issue where Books Contents Page would not update on Session Manager change.
Changed Close button on module info page.

Re: Bible Analyzer Version 5 Beta (Windows)

Posted: Fri May 01, 2015 9:09 am
by Tim
Here is an updated beta with some more fixes/changes,
Here is the updated exe, v5.0.030,

Song of Solomon now works correctly in the Quick Entry
Apocrypha (in the 1611 edition) will not crash the Interactive Results Chart (The Apocrypha is ignored by the chart)
Some minor formatting changes

This will be treated as a Release Candidate. Just bug fixes will be considered now.