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Re: Bible Analyzer 4.9 Beta (Macintosh)

Post by srice » Wed May 14, 2014 3:57 pm

I too am having trouble with the download manager. Every time I try on my computer, it doesn't work. Last night I tried on my wife's Mac Mini, and it worked ... sort of. I was trying to install the RVG for her, and when I checked a title in Spanish, it would install fine, except it wouldn't install the right title. Seems like the link was pointing to the wrong file. For instance, I selected the RVG, and in installed the 1909. I selected a different title and it installed the 1865. Clearly there is a link problem or something. Just wanted to let you know. I finally got the RVG off my computer and installed it for her. WE are both using the 10.9 Mavericks version. Not sure what the difference is. Perhaps a permissions problem on mine that keeps stuff from installing??? Not sure there.
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