Bible Analyzer 5.4 beta (Linux)

Issues and Comments on the Current Beta Versions
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Re: Bible Analyzer 5.4 beta (Linux)

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Just a suggestion, but you may want to reexamine the flatpak idea.

Xiphos has a similar issue with unsupported dependencies, etc with the libgtkhtml being no longer supported.

I downloaded and it seems to be functioning fine. The editor and Study Pad work as well.

Execution is fast and there is even an option to override the sandbox and use the system directories for storing the modules downloaded.

Just a thought.
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Re: Bible Analyzer 5.4 beta (Linux)

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Thanks for the notice.

These packaging systems all move faster than I can keep up with them. One can find pro and con for all of them, but none are simple, and one has to spend precious time learning the features and syntax just to be able to test them.

I may look at Flatpak again when I get back to working on the Linux edition. I'm involved n another project at the moment and don't have time now. I haven't even been able to check to see if the latest Ubuntu has the required dependencies for v5.5 (wxPython 4.2)

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