Converting modules to other database formats

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Converting modules to other database formats

Postby soulliberty » Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:29 pm

I'm interested in using some of the modules from Bible Analyzer to perform some more advanced statistical analysis and compile data into a special kind of database. I'm much more familiar with programming in MySql and MS Access. How tough is it to convert your modules to formats which can be imported to these programs (csv, txt, etc)? Are you aware of tools which can do this easily? For some idea of what I'm going for in the long run, go to [url][/url]
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Re: Converting modules to other database formats

Postby Tim » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:44 pm

I looked at your blog and it is very interesting. I believe your approach will be helpful.

One of the reasons I started Bible Analyzer a few years ago was to try and look at the Scriptures in a little different way using statistics, sequences, comparison, and other means.

You idea of tagging or linking every word in the Bible to other relevant words, etc., is an ambition of mine as well. One thing I would like to do (or see done) is tag all the pronouns to their object. For instance the word "him" is found 6667 times. We need an easy way to see instantly who "him" (her, it, his, their, etc.) is in each context without changing the text. Computers can do this...if they have the data. That would be an ambitious project, but invaluable.

I also saw your appreciation for Clarence Larkin. Larkin's works are masterpieces. There has been nothing since that approaches them in truthfulness, quality, and accuracy. Nearly everything one hears of prophecy today came from Larkin. We were the first to make Larkin's charts available in digital form way back in 1998. We are also the first site to have Dispensational Truth online in its entiriety, The charts still mesmerize me. I would like to see some of them interactive with image maps and such. Time is something I am always short of, it seems.

Concerning the modules, they are simple SQLite databases; you can convert them easily. Or I can send you the raw txt files if you wish. Let me know what you would like.
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