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Version 3.9 Release Candidate

Postby Tim » Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:36 pm

We finally have Bible Analyzer 3.9 Release Candidate ready to test. It has several new features most notably the new Dedicated Cross-reference Panel.

Here is the executable file,

This is the "portable" edition for testing (everything, including modules, is under one folder). Follow the instructions here, to see how you must setup the folder to run the exe.

Below is a list of notes I made while developing this version through the beta stages. I have not had time to edit it for clarity, but it should give you an idea of what is new or changed.

We have also developed some new modules, the most notable is The Companion Bible Notes. These are the verse side notes found in the Printed version of the Companion Bible edited by E.W. Bullinger. It took us a great amount of time to prepare this module and thus it is a Bible Analyzer exclusive.

We also made a new edition of the Companion Bible Appendices that includes images, charts, and two new indexes. A click on an Appendix ref in the Notes will jump to corresponding entry in the Appendices.

We also have developed the entire Pulpit Commentary (120MB!), the NET BIble and full notes set, Easton's and the American Tract dictionaries now include inline images (over 600), and more. More details will be on the website soon.

Try this release out and see how it does. There is a new "error reporter" which will popup and send me an error report by email when you get an error. Please send it so i can get it fixed.

Here is the beta list,

Beta 3.9.001
* New Dedicated Bible Cross-Reference Panel will show TSK for current verse. Can toggle show/hide with Ctrl+R and Bible Toolbar button.
* Click on verse number will display CMT as well as Ctrl+click.
* Media Player will now pause/play from Control Menu (Alt+P). Also, checkbox added to play all from selected.
* Fixed wildcard issue in Any/Every searches.
* Made new AVtvm and Strongs modules and modified popup code.
* Fixed faulty phrase search hit (hit italicized non search word)
* Default Quick search method is now "Every Word" unless a single double-quote is entered then it becomes a phrase search.

For example,
born again will hit if each word is in a verse.
"born again will hit on exact phrase.
"born again" kingdom will hit on phrase and Joh 3:36 word in verse.

* Added popup font size option (Normal, Large, Larger). Also added third "Larger" window font size option.
* Moved font options to old ScripturePad tab in Preferences. Now called Font Properties.

Beta .002
* Ref panel sash keeps position when rotated and maxed, etc. Position is saved on exit.
* Changed AVtvm numbers between parenthesis to a different color. Will also now display correctly in search results.
* Added Bible chapter summary and option.
* Fix phrase search among italic and red-letter tags (search results may not always be highlighted due to internal font tag mixing. Will be highlighted if red-letter display is turned off, known issue).
* Added color options for verse background.
* Added color options for TSK reference panel.
* Export to S-Pad will now jump to S-Pad window when Bible is maxed.
* Changed right-click behavior in Bible Window so it does not select verse. Can right-click on non-current verse without selecting. Let me know if you like this.
* Fixed issue with next verse not going to verse 1 after a chapter change.

Usage change:
* A click on the verse number (digit) in the Bible, Parallel, and Dual windows or holding Ctrl while clicking anywhere in a verse will display/jump the comment in current commentary. A click on any word will display/jump the definition in current dictionary and not the commentary.

Beta .003
* After trying to find a place for window buttons, I think the solution is to place on the right of each windows toolbar three buttons to jump to the other windows. These will only show when the window is maxed since that is the only time they are needed. Hiding them also keeps the toolbar from being crowded.
* Resize of four-panel sashes now retains ref panel size (on main app window resize the ref panel will gradually change size. This is a toolkit/Windows issue)
* Added Gray to the available window colors.
* Changed the look of the Ref panel some.
* I think I've settled on the behavior when clicking on verses. While the Bible window is not maxed a click anywhere in a verse will cause both the CMT and DCT windows to update since they are visible. A Ctrl click or click of verse number will only update the CMT. When the Bible is maxed, a click on a word will either open the def in the MW or jump to the DCT win, depending on preference. A Ctrl click or click of verse number will show the comment in the MW or jump to the CMT win. The same for Dual and Parallel.

Beta .004
* Ref panel keeps its size when swapped using F11, etc, rotated and swapped with buttons, I think.
* Fixed click on DCT word error.
* Window Maxed state now saved on exit.
* If use MW is checked even in four-panel mode Bible word click will display def., Ctrl or # click will display cmt. In Dct, Cmt, Res, windows word click will display def., ref click will display Cmt and update Bible panel.

Beta .005
* Will now save sash position, again.
* Fixed Dual error.
* Related Verse Search and others when using larger font crash fixed, I think.
* Fixed wildcard search issue in search option #1.
* S-Pad tab will now show if there is room when deleting tabs.

Beta .006
* F5 & F6 will now show CMT in MiniWin if Use MiniWin When Bible Expanded or Use Commentary MiniWin is checked.
* If Ctrl is down when cursor is placed over a ref., popup will show 5 verse context span with target verse in the center.
* Added toggle button on expanded windows to disable jump to window on click. Needed because if no MiniWin option was selected, it was not possible to select a verse with a click without a jump to the Dictionary Win. (Button looks like Expand button. Will change)
* Devotion window will now open, again.

Beta .007
* Added option in Tools Menu to open modules folder in Windows Explorer.
* Fixed BusyCursor issue, I think.
* Added popup flyout of chapters when right-click on book name in Bible Tree. Can now select chapter without expanding tree.
* Verse flyout on Right-Click "Export range to S-Pad" is redesigned to match Bible Tree flyout style.
* Made Bible Tree slightly narrower and Dual/Para buttons slightly smaller. Removed "Go To Verse" Back/Forw buttons.
* Made menu items slightly closer together in main and right-click menus.
* Fixed bug in reference range entry for refs with numbers (searches, word lists, etc.). 1Sa 1 - 1Sa 5 or 1Sa 1 - 5, etc. now work.
* Added system font select option in Font Properties. Can now select any system font. (Not all will display Hebrew/Greek characters)
* Added Strong's resource option. Can now select default Strong's module. Combined the BDB and Thayer's mods which makes three full mods (Strong's, BDB/Thayers, KJC). Due to formatting issues and other reasons, the Strong's popup will remain Strong's dictionary. A click will open the default Strong's dict.
* Made Preferences Dialog 50 pixels taller to accomadate more settings.
* Fixed MiniWin behavior with Strong's # clicks.

Beta .008
* Fixed MiniWin behavior with Strong's # clicks, again, I think.
* Strong's clicks will now jump to Dct when Jump button is enabled and no MW option is checked.
* Added "Verses with Same Reference" display to WordLists tab in MCP. Will show all verses with same chap/vs reference, i.e. 3:16.
* Fixed bugs in Dual, Book Viewer, Devotions, Library Search, and some others. I think.
* Right click Dct topics display will now show in MW (if checked.)
* Book/Chapter/Verse buttons now work correctly in Bible Win.

Beta .009
* More bug fixes.
* Added option to show full refs in Bible Win. Also works on Parallel and Dual.

Beta .010
* Added Book/Chap/Verse view Word List in MW to right-click menu.
* Can now search foriegn texts (UTF-8, i.e. Greek, etc.) again.
* Removed underscore from full refs in Bible Window (Plus Parallel and Dual).
* Added option to show refs in a different color when exported to S-Pad. This is a hidden option that must be changed in the config.ini file for now. Change the value of "copyrefcolor." It is in red/green/blue format. (128, 0, 0) is medieum red; (0, 128, 0) is medium green, etc. The higher the number the lighter the color. 255 is the maximum for each color.
* Added option to not show Bible version (AV, ASV, etc.) in exported verse.
* Audio Player will now save Play All option and the last title selected. Will also select currently playing title when in Play All mode.

Beta .011
* Fixed S-Pad printing foriegn characters issue, I think. Printing and Print Preview may behave slightly different.
* Added Show Book Comments and Show Chapter Comments buttons to CMT window toolbar.
* Change Jump/GoTo icons (seen when maxed).
* Fixed no scrolling issue when entering a ref.

Beta .012
* Changed SQLite modules so they can store images. Now all data (test, images, audio, etc.) can be placed in a single module file. Changed app code to read images inline with text.
* Revised Companion Bible Appendix to work with Companion Bible Notes. It is renamed, reformtted somewhat, and has two new indexes. It also has around 25 inline images.
* Companion Bible Notes will never be error free, but it is at least "presentable." Changed the color of the Appdx-? refs to teal so the user will realize they can be clicked as any other word to check all the DCTs for the word in the topics.

Beta .013
* Mostly internal code changes:
* App can now read compressed and encrypted module data. Pulpit CMT will be compressed; CB Notes will be lightly encrypted. (It can be broken by knowledgeable persons. I am curious to see who is the first to do it.)
* Integrated an Error Reporter which will bring up a dialog with an option to email the error report when an error is encountered. As a test, click the Help (F1) button in the main toolbar and send me the message. (I hope I don't forget to change it back!)
* S-Pad can now open and save most RTF files. Another developer needed this function for his app and spent 45 days developing it. I asked if I could use it and he agreed. It will not open tables in the RTF and other more complicated things, but it will open and save with images, bold, italic, etc. It has a little trouble with RTF files made with Wordpad because it is based on a different RTF specification than Word. Word files (and those compatible) work well. Nevertheless, anything S-Pad can do, it can now be saved and opened as an RTF. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.
* Made a Welcome Page that will show once on first start. Can also be opened from Help Menu. (Page is not complete -- rough draft)
* All pages can now have links to web. Will open page in default browser. See Welcome page for example.
* Changed two useMini options in prefs to one (easier for me to troubleshoot).
* Proofed many books of CBnotes again (with several corrections) and made encrypted module to test. Put a couple images in info page
* Added images to Easton's dictionary (250+) and American Tract dictionary (360+)

Beta .014
* Added Search Results Word List button to Results toolbar. Will display sorted word list of all hits for search (not just visible page) in MW.
* Added Related button to MW to export word list to Related Search in MCP.
* Related Search will now update to the current verse when tab in MCP is changed.
* Fixed bugs from last beta, I think.
* Not planning to add any more features to this release. This one just needs going over and bugs fixed.

Beta .015
* Added ability to make a web link in S-Pad, Notes, and Prayer List. Click link button to add URL for selected text.
* Can now change background color of selected text in S-Pad, Notes, and Prayer List. Yellow is default. Color can be changed in S-Pad Main Menu. Select "white" to remove color. New tool on toolbar. (This still cannot be done in other windows, maybe someday.)
* Added error dialog in module creation tool if raw text not formatted correctly (no tab in line).
* Fixed ref parser so entered chapter re will display only one chapter. (ro, ro 1, ro1, ro 1:, will display only Rom 1:).
* Updated Splash Screen.

Beta .016
* S-Pad, Notes, and Prayer List now have live ref. links similiar to the other windows. Ref links are teal while web links are blue. Added a tool in Main Menu to convert refs of entire page to links. Will only do standard Bible Analyzer ref. abbrs for now. This tool should be run before any other formatting is done to the text (bold, etc.) since running it after may have adverse effects on earlier formatting. The same for removing links (Ctrl down when clicking Link button in Results toolbar). There are still some small display issues in making/removing links.
* Submitted a small patch to the developer of the RTF parser. Saving to RTF is much faster now (about 20 times faster), loading RTF is still slow (will take a major rewrite to optimize load speed).
* Only XML file will load on startup (if checked).
Tim Morton
Developer, Bible Analyzer

But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. (Rom 4:5 AV)

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