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Bible Analyzer 3.8 Release Candidate

Postby Tim » Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:48 am

Here is our Release Candidate for Bible Analyzer 3.8 for Windows. It has several additions from our last beta. Namely,

Strong's Popups
* Properly formatted Strongs Numbers (H365; G25, etc.) in Commentaries, Dictionaries, and Books are now "live" like the numbers in a Strong's equipped Bible (AVs, etc.). The Strong's definition will popup on mouseover.

Prayer List
The first tab on the daily devotion viewer is now an editable prayer list. The list will automatically open and save to prayer.xml in the Users folder. The editor has the same features as ScripturePad and the Notes Editor.

Commentary/Dictionary History
* There are two new arrows on the commentary and dictionary panels that allow returning to previously visited verses or topics. The buttons act much like the Back/Forward buttons in a web browser.

Bible Verse Click Actions
* A left click within a verse text in the Bible Window will search the commentaries for that verse comment and display the default commentary. If the cursor is over a word, it will search the dictionary topics for the word and display the default dictionary.

* Selecting a Cmt or Dct tab makes it the current default.

* MiniWindow will use the currently selected Cmt/Dct tab title in main window as default. The MW key button will display the default that is set in Preferences (if it has data).

* Even when output is directed to the MiniWindow, the Cmt/Dct tabs will be flagged for hits when a new verse/word is clicked.

* When using miniWindow a Ctrl click will display the commentary (when ckicking within a verse in the Bible window). A normal click will display the word definition.

* If no MiniWindow option is checked in Preferences and a window is expanded, a click on a word will cause the display to show the Dictionary window. A click on a verse will display the Bible Window. A right-click search will display the search results. Use the Tab key to rotate to another window.

ScripturePad on Start
* An option was added in Preferences to display the last saved ScripturePad file on start. This will over ride the quote and image options.

Dual Mode
* In dual mode the windows now scroll together, but only when scrolling with the dual window. One can scroll the main Bible window independently. This way one can still see two different places on the pages.

* Now when going into dual mode the windows will arrange so that the main Bible is on the upper left and the dual Bible on the upper right and also expand the two windows to fill the application window. When the Restore Four Panel button is clicked, the windows will arrange to the position set in Windows Layout in Preferences.

* In both Dual and Parallel modes clicking within a verse will now cause most of the same actions as clicking in the Bible Window. It will display the comments of the verse and the definition of the word.

Rotate Windows
* Tab key will now rotate all windows clockwise
* Shift+Tab will rotate them counter-clockwise

Window Colors
* The Dictionary, Commentary, Search Results, and other windows can have lightly colored backgrounds for quick identification. The MiniWindow will also show the colors according to the type of data on display. Colors can be changed in Windows Layout in Preferences.

Here is the link to the 3.8 RC .exe,

Just place the exe in the Bible Analyzer beta folder following the instructions found under the 3.8 beta forum topic.

Apart from any errors or issues, this is the version that will be released. Let me know what issues you may have.
Tim Morton
Developer, Bible Analyzer

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