Graphics Not Displaying In Books

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Re: Graphics Not Displaying In Books

Postby brad » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:32 am

I was running it from a usb stick. I copied it to My Documents folder and ran from there. No difference. Rather than bang my head against a wall, and possibly waste your time as well (particularly since I am new with the program and had been tinkering around with it quite a bit,) I decided to start from scratch. I re-downloaded everything and performed a clean install. It is now running just fine from both my usb drive and from the My Documents folder.

As much as I like to know WHY things are (or are not) working, I think in this case it was probably just something I did and further troubleshooting wouldn't be worth the effort.

Thanks for your replies and your outstanding software. Keep up the great work!

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