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When Is a Unicorn a Unicorn?!??

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:57 pm
by MPaul
Do Modern Version advocates love to point out the errors in the KJV, or do they just love to jump to conclusions? I cannot count how many times people have referenced to me an error in the KJV, which with more extensive thought, actually turned out to be not what it seemed. I learned the hard way over many years to give more time to what seems odd in KJV translation. These translators were fantastically qualified and dedicated, and their work went on for many years and involved the entire nation. No one should scoff at them too easily, or make easy assumptions on the superiority of modern biblical scholarship.

One favorite criticism of the KJV is that it references unicorns. Or is that another example of loving to jump to conclusions? Here is an interesting video on the subject.