Installing Bible Analyzer Module in Linux Mint 15

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Installing Bible Analyzer Module in Linux Mint 15

Postby blessedbeloved » Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:41 pm

Hi All,
Just my 2 cents.
After install some modules using *.run script, Bible Analyzer could not be launched using the desktop icon.
I opened a command shell and typed: bibleanalyzer
however was met with some error message.
Remembering I had to provide sudo password when running the *.run scripts and the modules were installed into /opt/bibleanalyzer/modules/ by the scripts:
To fix the problem, i typed: sudo bibleanalyzer
That fixed the problem once and for all. Subsequently, i can launch BA as per normal.
Note: Some modules did not require me to do this.
Hope this Help someone.

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