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Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:59 pm
by nymusicman
This dictionary looks really good, but I noticed it creates a few new tabs and features with it's installation. Can we on Linux 4.5.5 still use this module or is it taking advantage of features only available in 4.6?

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:39 am
by Tim
The module will still work as a dictionary like the others, but as you mentioned the new Theme tab will not be available.

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:12 pm
by nymusicman
Thank you for the response. I encourage you to please keep up Linux development. Right now I know it's a smaller community but your software is the only one offering modules that run on Linux that come from more than the public domain. Everything else we have ties into the Sword Project and while it is really good, they don't have access to the plethora of material you offer.

I'm sure your current users are doing everything to help you grow. You may also want to include a little statistic asking which operating system people are primarily buying modules for. Maybe you have that but I don't remember filling that out when I bought a CD a while back. Anyway the reason I mention this is The Humble Bundle while selling more Windows copies consistently finds that Linux Users pay more money on average for their software.

Good luck with your research in this matter and please don't forget, us Linux BibleAnalyzer users are still out there.

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:53 pm
by Tim are the first Linux user to ask about an upgrade to 4.6 since we introduced 4.6 for Windows and Mac months ago. That should indicate the almost complete lack of interest in it. We have very few downloads of the Linux edition and even fewer module downloads. We get a lot more requests for a mobile app than anything Linux.

For some reason several Linux users would rather use Wine and the Windows edition even when the editions were all 4.5.

One way we can tell the number of users is from the OS they visit our sites with. Normally, 86% are Windows users, 5%-6% are Mac and 5%-6% are Linux, with 1%-2% something else. However, we get a lot more response from the Mac users than the Linux for the same amount of visitors.

It is a lot of work to manage Bible Analyzer on two OS's, and three is even more. I'm not sure what we will do with Linux yet, but the future does not look promising.

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:58 am
by Brother Mike
I would hope that in lieu of turning your back on those of use who, if we wanted windows applications, we would run windows, you may consider turning to the strong point of Linux, and that is the community. You may find a Christian python developer willing to work closely with you and develop the Linux version. It may not be an easy search, but left in the Lord's Hands, may produce good fruit.

I can say right now, that if I have to run wine to use BA, I will NOT be using BA.

I would hate to see the only serious Bible study software contender for Linux die off.

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:50 pm
by MPaul
Wine is totally useless!!!!

What ever happened to getting BA in the Linux Software Center. I think that is the key. People just go with what is in the Center, as that makes installation easy, and they don't think a comparison will do anything. If BA could get in the Software Center, then it would become obvious quickly that it is the better program.

This last update was kind of geeky, having to use the terminal to install files -- I think that should have hurt Linux usage.

I have prayed in the past over BA and Linux.... so, it's not happening, and no one can blame Tim if he does not believe the amount of work he puts into it rates the current usage. If he dumps Linux, I'm not going to go with the other Linux programs, but I'll just use on-line stuff. However, it would be a shame to lose BA in Linux, but the Lord has his reasons for how he does stuff, and often, I cannot figure it out.

Well, if our prayers have not worked on making BA the go to Linux bible software, maybe, there is some kind of compromise Linux program Tim could put out, that would not be a lot of time to keep up, and that would still maintain a presence of BA in Linux. Then, Tim could branch off of that in the future if the Linux scene changed. Actually, I do not use a lot of the fancy features -- I just appreciate having a basic program. If he could just keep something basic going, it still might be an advantage to him, as it keeps a presence among a lot of computer users. I talk about Linux BA with everyone, and I have two links to BA on websites, noting the Linux program in particular. However, the other programs have their loyal users who are not willing to even consider a change -- but I get on them about it.

As far as Linux user interest, we are used to being patient and not pushing people -- that is just our community. I am interested in updates, but I wait, and I do not push. That is just how Linux works.

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:36 pm
by Tim
[Hum, I wrote a lengthy post to Mike's comment and it didn't take, must not been meant to be]

In short, here are my replies to all.
  • I have a very limited amount of time.
    I have not given up on Linux, yet.
    I think Wine is just another layer of problems. (Why not just use Windows?)
    Oddly, some Linux users prefer WIne to native.
    I get many more downloads, feedback, etc. from Windows and Mac users so I must prioritize my time.
    Many Linux users want BA in some other flavor of Linux (Fedora, Red Hat, SUSE, etc. etc.) because they dislike Ubuntu. I cannot do that. No one person can deal with all those distros.
    The Linux add-on file/module function is almost non-existant. Windows and Macs setup/package delivery method is much superior to the clunky .deb.
    It took me two days just to make the .deb file for Bible Analyzer. Much too unintuitive and cumbersome.
    The lack of effective and simple delivery of add-on modules is a major setback. I had to write a clunky bash script to semi-automate it and many don't know how to use it even with instructions.
    The Package Manager (or what ever they call it now) is not suitable for simple add-on modules.
    Have been thinking about the Software Center, may try it sometime when an effective module delivery method is developed.
In short, what is fairly easy on Windows and Mac is often a tedious pain in Linux.

If someone wants to help me make a one-click module installation method for Bible Analyzer modules, I will update it to 4.6 and submit it to the Software Center as I get time.

I will take care of the Bible Analyzer app, module creation, and similar, but I must have help with the rest. So if you all want to "beat the bushes" of some Linux people and find someone who is wants to help, have them send me an email. Again, I only have so much time.

Thanks for your concerns.

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:30 pm
by Brother Mike
Hello Bro. Tim

Thanks for the reply. If you are willing to do that, then I will go and "beat some bushes". Send me an email of the details of what you want the installer to do. I am assuming both the primary install of BA, plus individual modules, correct?

Give me a couple of weeks in case I need to turn over a few rocks as well.

Is the issue with the other distros mainly the install process?

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:38 pm
by Tim
Brother Mike,

Thanks for the offer.

The deb installer of the BA app seems to work pretty well. My main issue is the add-on modules. Basically what I would like is simply a one-click installer that will run something similar to the script on the linux.htm page.

There is a utility for Mac (which is also Unix based) called Platypus that will take a bash script and make a small app out of it so it can be run with a click in a dialog. I have searched for similar in Linux with no luck.

Ideally, the installer will behave like a Win. exe installer or Mac Pkg installer. One of the most pitiful deficiencies I found in the Linux .deb installer is it is impossible to install anything in the users Home folder, but we don't need that for modules.

With a module installer I need a very simple single package installer that will basically just place files in the usr/share/bibleanalyzer/modules folder.

I know this is very simple with a script, but many people don't want scripts. They just want to click, enter their password and it is done. That is the mindset of users today.

Re: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:31 pm
by MPaul
I would like to ask all reading this thread to pray that knowledge comes to Tim on how to accomplish in Linux without complication methods to do in a simple fashion add-on modules, one click installation, acceptance of BA in the Linux Software Center, either in the form of advice and help from a Linux programmer or just through inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Please be in agreement with me on this request and have expectation for a coming answer.

Dear Heavenly Father, we ask for these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.