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MPaul wrote:
shane2peru wrote: I too think that his materials would be a real asset, and continue to put Bible Analyzer a cut above the rest for the solid material that is offered.
There is a lot that is negative about this person on the internet. Here is an example -- ... 6&forum=35
Please, I ask that everyone form their own opinion of Brother Cloud doing so from a wide examination of his life work. His critics mostly know nothing about him. They read an article or two that he as written, or listen to someone else's opinion. Some don't even realize that he is a missionary planting independent Baptist churches in Asia in addition to operating his Way of Life ministry.

As for not answering emails... Sometimes that is on purpose (he receives far too many to be able to answer them all) and sometimes it is on oversight. He is in Asia and he does not even have electricity 24 hours a day. Sometimes it is a blessing to even be able to use the internet from his location.

Every person has their own right to form their own opinion and I respect that. I am simply saying that you need to make an informed decision based on truth.

I challenge all to subscribe to his daily emails and read a good number of his reports on the website ( Read a wide array of materials. Read his over 60 free ebooks. Watch his free videos. Learn about his missions ministry. And if you then come to the conclusion that he should be avoided you at least have done your homework and based your decision on what you have learned, not what someone else has said.

I am not "for" or "against" Bro. Cloud. I am for people knowing facts, thinking, and then making informed decisions for themselves.

This is a weird first post and I apologize for it. I do hope that it is taken in a friendly tone as intended.

I now look forward to discussing Bible Analyzer and meeting fellow users.

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