Modules Not Seen by BA

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Modules Not Seen by BA

Postby Mueleski » Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:30 am

Had downloaded the trial version and installed it, liked it, and then bought the CD. CD arrived and I placed the extra modules as instructed but the program will not see them. Thought it was because I had installed the free version so went to install the version on disk, but it won't install because the installed version is newer. I'm I having a problem with the version I have installed--I did come back to the sight and downloaded a version that said it was 3.7.2 and installed it again but my modules won't show up. If I go into the preferences page it still only shows the the two Bible modules, 2 commentaries and so on, even though the modules are in the correct folders. When I look in the folders though, the original files have different permissions. The ones that originally loaded are root permissions and the new ones I moved over are not and I can change permissions on them if I wanted from the file utility. I'm using Ubuntu 9.04.

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Re: Modules Not Seen by BA

Postby Tim » Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:14 pm

Are you placing the modules under the home/YOURUSERNAME/.bibleanalyzer/Modules/ folders? There is also a usr/share/bibleanalyzer/modules folder but they should not go there. That folder is owned by root and cannot be written to by the app. In fact, it can be deleted. I had to put the files there on initial installation and them copy them to the User folder on first run so user modules could be saved. A .deb file cannot install anything in the USER folder. (It took me days to figure that out.)

If this doesn't work let me know and we will try something else.
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