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E-Sword Module Conversion

Postby Tim » Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:04 am

Version 3.7 (Suite editions) has an e-sword module converter. It will attempt to convert Bible, dictionary, and commentary modules into Bible Analyzer module format. As mentioned before, it will only convert non encrypted modules, and all modules found on e-sword.net are encrypted. (Please do not write me about converting these. If you feel the need to comment on it, write the author of e-sword and ask him why he feels he must encrypt public domain texts).

If a user does attempt to convert an encrypted e-sword module, the converter may show success, but when the module is viewed the text will be garbled. The only alternative is to delete the module (or uncheck it in Manage Library in Preferences).

User made modules, which are not encrypted, can be successfully converted. One place they can be found is, http://e-sword-users.org, but some there are also encrypted.
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