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Plug-in suggestion

Post by RobertRathbone » Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:13 pm

Hi Tim,

I appreciate your stand for making tools and resources available for studying God's Word for free or a modest charge. It shows your desire to help folks study the Word rather than to make a profit.

I saw a reference to a version 5 of Bible Analyzer in another thread, which, as a fellow professional programmer, I recognize as an opportunity to re-architech the software to support more features than perhaps is currently possible. I'm not sure how far into designing/building v.5 you are, but I'd like to suggest a feature if its not already on the list.

Designing a mechanism for creating plug-ins may be a good way to enhance your software by allowing the Python programmers in the community to use their imagination to build and submit plugins to add new features that you might not have thought of or perhaps don't have time to implement. These folk might be a fresh source of ideas as well as help generate exitement and perhaps push the envelope of what's possible in computer-assisted Bible study.

Hope this gives you fuel for thought!

Robert Rathbone

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