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Bible Audio Files

Post by GChris » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:58 pm

Under "Preferences, Audio Settings" there is a Link Audio Files button which links a (properly named) audio Bible to play within Bible Analyzer. I have multiple audio Bibles, some purchased such as Scourby's KJV, a NASB audio Bible, and then several free audio Bibles downloaded from "Faith Comes By Hearing." Suggest the ability to link individual audio Bibles with a version. For example linking Scourby's KJB with the AV Bible and an audio NASB Bible with the NASB module. That way when I'm reading the AV version Scourby plays, when in the NASB module pane, the audio NASB plays. This could be set up to have the capacity to link up to 7 to 10 audio Bibles to their corresponding Bible Analyzer modules. I know that the Text to Speech function will already do this, but the audio Bible readings are so much more natural to listen to. I use a number of different Bible programs (each with distinctive & powerful aspects); this ability to associate an audio Bible to a text is very much appreciated; the added suggestion would make the program even more powerful and beneficial. Thanks for the great software!!

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Re: Bible Audio Files

Post by Tim » Sat Mar 08, 2014 8:39 am

Thanks for the feedback.

We will look into making it possible to link specific audio files to any installed Bible. Actually, we don't receive many comments on the audio player/reader in Bible Analyzer. It may be because the Scourby files must be purchased separately. However, the player will try to work with any audio file set.

Since there are no verse indexing files available for nearly all audio sets, we must approximate the current verse using the time position of a point in the file. Thus, the verse highlight advancing can get off some, especially in the middle of a chapter. But this allows one to select a verse within a chapter and have the player start playing close to that point.

With the different files you are using, how is the verse advancing working? Is it fairly close or get off quite a bit sometimes? Which set of files are best? I have found the human readers who read at a consistent pace give the best results
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