Using BA for KJVer quotes

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Using BA for KJVer quotes

Postby MPaul » Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:11 pm

The KJVer (easy reader), aka the Sword Bible, is a great bible to use today, especially in prisons or with anyone who complains about struggling with the language of the KJV. I use the KJVer as my primary bible in English. However, in writing something, there is no way to copy and paste quotations from it, which means a whole lot of typing to quote. However, the AKJV, American King James Version, is very similar, and it is part of the BA program, in some module. So if I want to quote the KJVer, I open AKJV and copy and paste. Then, I look at the KJVer text and note there will be very minor differences, which can be changed in a wink, and then I underline the archaic words and add the reduced font alternatives at the end of the verse. It's very fast and easy.

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