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Genealogy Module Ideas

Post by soulliberty » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:48 pm

Hi everyone,

I have spoken with Tim a little about the possibility of incorporating a Flash-based module into Bible Analyzer for exploring biblical genealogies. Bible Analyzer looks like a great platform for just such a thing. If successful, this would be the only tool I know of that could easily tell you which tribe of Israel a person belonged to or allow you to trace a person's entire ancestry without jumping around several places.

At a basic level, it would be modeled after a graphic which I produced earlier this year: . It includes only those whose genealogy can be traced back to Adam and Eve (about 830 people).

My goal is to add interactivity to highlight immediate family, click to show all descendants and/or ancestors of that person, highlight certain groups of people, and show some basic biographical detail about each. Naturally, it would also have links to verses where the person is mentioned by name. This demo can give you a basic flavor of the interactivity, with a modified layout:

What else would you like to see incorporated into this? I am just beginning development, so now is the right time to make a wish list!

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