Using Color Problem

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Using Color Problem

Post by darrel_jw » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:25 pm

I need help! I am attempting to use <blockquote>..</blockquote> to indent a block of text. This works fine for example 1. It just has black text with some bold letters. I enclose it in the blockquotes and and it works. Example 2 is different. It has strings surrounding text similar to: <font color = red>, <font color = black>, <sup>, and <a href="stng/G602">[G602]</a>. If I just enclose it in <p>..<p> it displays fine. If I put it in blockquotes then EVERYTHING following the ending </blockquote> is messed up with weird indenting, coloring, etc. Example 3 shows this. The indenting should stop at the end of "..Lord Jesus.

So my question - how can I indent a block of text that includes strings similar to what I just mentioned? I feel I must be missing "something", but I don't know what it is. From a coding standpoint it looks to me like it is okay.

Here is a snippet for what Example 3 has:

"In these examples, you should look for the morphological code <a href="stng/N-VSM">[N-VSM]</a>.<blockquote><p>Part of Speech: <b>N</b>oun<br>Case: <b>V</b>ocative<br>Number: <b>S</b>ingular<br>Gender: <b>M</b>asculine </blockquote><p><blockquote>* Mat 6:9 <font color = red>πατερ<font color = black> <sup><a href="stng/N-VSM">[N-VSM]</a></sup> <font color = red>ημων<font color = black> <sup><a ref="stng/P-1GP">[P-1GP]</a></sup> “Our Father”<br>* Mat 17:15 <font color = red>κυριε<font color = black> <sup><a href="stng/N-VSM">[N-VSM]</a></sup> <font color = red>ελεησον<font color = black> <sup><a href="stng/V-AAM-2S">[V-AAN-2S]</a></sup> “Lord have mercy”<br>* Rev 22:20 <font color = red>ερχου<font color = black> <sup><a href="stng/V-PNM-2S">[V-PNM-2S]</a></sup> <font color = red>κυριε<font color = black> <sup><a href="stng/N-VSM">[N-VSM]</a></sup> <font color = red>ιησου<font color = black> <sup><a href="stng/N-VSM">[N-VSM]</a></sup> “Come, Lord Jesus".</blockquote><p>"

Any suggestions?
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Re: Using Color Problem

Post by Tim » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:36 pm

Its best not to use <p> and <blockquote> together. Just use one or the other.

Also, there is a custom tag called <ind>...</ind> that is much the same as <blockquote> but without the extra empty line returns.

Also, be sure and close all font tags. This
<font color = red>κυριε<font color = black>
should be this
<font color = red>κυριε</font><font color = black>

When you close a font tag it will revert to the previous color which defaults to black. Thus you don't need the black tag at all.
<font color = red>κυριε</font>
The rest will be black.
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Re: Using Color Problem

Post by darrel_jw » Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:53 pm

Wow! I have been fighting these issues for days! And in one short email you provided an answer that works beautifully! I have made all the changes and done a cursory viewing and things look awesome! I now have to make a few minor changes, do a thorough comparison with the original document and I will then contact Frank Jabini for permission to release and we're "good to go"!

Thanks Tim!

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