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OT Search Issue

Postby darrel_jw » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:13 am

I want to search an OT-only Bible for an Hebrew character string, so I right-click on מות and select "Search for מות in Bible". I then get an error message, "The range specified for this search is not valid for the current Bible. For instance, specifying a range including an OT book in a NT only Bible or vice Versa".

This issue shows up in both Windows 5.1 and Linux 5.04. Now, normally I would have to go to the Advanced Bible Search, specify Old Testament, paste the Hebrew character string in the search box, and have 541 hits returned.

EXCEPT! in the Windows version 5.1 the search window is so small you cannot see it!
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Re: OT Search Issue

Postby Tim » Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:17 am

When searching a Bible that does not have all the books, such as only OT or NT, the corresponding search range must be selected in Advanced Search, even when using a right-click search. I'm looking at making the search work when Entire Bible is selected but haven't done it yet.

As for the display of the Control Panel, looks like you are rendering Windows in Linux with an emulator or virtual install and that is causing the issue. I have seen this before and it is a bug in the rendering/translating software. It may not do it every time. Sometimes it may display correctly.
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