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Copy / Paste Issue

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:25 am
by Brother Mike
Well, after really needing to have this function, I was doing some tinkering tonight. Found some inte4resting things.

As I have stated in another thread, and you have confirmed, there is a copy paste issue in BA for Linux.

I cannot get paste to work OUTSIDE of BA.

I installed some various clipboard managers and this seems to apply to all.

The export, CTRL-C, Copy selections available within BA just do not work. Frustrated, I did multiple CTRL-Cs and found that a quick DOUBLE CTRL-C copied the selection to the clipboard manager. The copy did NOT include the reference info.

What seems to be a good workaround is to export to the s-pad, and then do the doube-CTRL-C key combo, and that seems to do the job. I hope that the issue between Linux and BA the restricts the proper way to copy/paste is worked out.

--- EDIT ---
But, does not appear to always be consistent.