Bugs and problems 3.9.3

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Bugs and problems 3.9.3

Postby J.N.Mouthaan » Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:10 pm

Hello Tim,

Here are some bugs in the Ubuntu version 3.9.3

1. When the search result exceed to some great, they are split in several parts and displayed in a combobox. But when you click on the combobox and select the second or a following item, then it say: there are no results.

2. When using a font such as HebrewUniversal (of davar3.org) for Hebrew Bibles, searching is somethings not possible because this font use also signs as % $ [ ] for Hebrew characters.

3. Is it possible to fore come that the program interpret [ ] as brackets? Due to the same problem as 2.

4. Hebrew Unicode isn't displayed from right to left, although it is correctly formated.

5. Are the codes for XML Unicode (α) still supported in 3.9.3? In your strong dictionary you used this codes, but I have some problems with it.

6. The click procedure of the dictionary don't work in every situation. When you click on a word in the Bible text, the dictionary say it don't contain information, but in the listbox the item is selected. Also jumping from one dictionary to another dictionary with the same topic have some problems.

7. The distance between rules in the program is sometimes to little. In cases of a Hebrew text with vocalization, some of them aren't viewed.

8. In the message in the Module Creation Tools "bible module is completed", there is to little room for the bottom of the p.

9. The layout of the several windows are not saved in a correct way. Many times by starting up, the positions are different from the positions when closing the program last time.

I hope you can do something with it.

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Re: Bugs and problems 3.9.3

Postby Tim » Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:38 pm

Unfortunately, Linux does not yet handle some tasks as one would like.

The % $ [ ] characters are used as control codes in some places in Bible Analyzer. Version 4 will have some changes.

The Hebrew right to left issue is known. We will look into it some more.

XML unicode strings are still supported, but Bible Analyzer is moving to full unicode characters instead. There are tools that will convert from XML strings to unicode characters for making raw texts, but the module creation tools in Bible Analyzer do not have one yet.

The click problems in dictionaries is an issue with how Ubuntu handles the clicks. It is completely different than windows. I have tried to find a workaround without much success.

Some of the text in dialogs are crowded because Linux uses a larger font size by default. We have truncated several texts to try to compensate.

The saved layout problem is another known issue in Linux. Linux does have its issues.

Tim Morton
Developer, Bible Analyzer

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