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5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:13 am
by Tim
We have the 5.1 beta of Bible Analyzer ready to test.

There are not a lot of changes in the function or appearance of Bible Analyzer with 5.1, but it does have a few new features plus a couple new external features.

New Devotions Viewer With Daily Bible Reader.
The Devotions Viewer now has four tabs with an added Bible reader with several reading plans and the option to view in paragraph or verse mode. The text is displayed in its own window instead of just opening the daily reference in the main Bible panel. However, there is a link at the beginning of every chapter that will navigate the Bible panel if wanted.

Instead of having a separate tab for each devotion, they are now in a drop down menu under the Devotions tab.

Multiple User Notes
Now there can be multiple user note sessions created and saved/loaded from the first button in the Notes Toolbar. When the user opens a saved session it will sync to the current reference. With this a user can have many user note files and switch between them easily.

Web Page Links Can Navigate Bible Analyzer
This feature allows web page authors to create links in their pages that will cause Bible Analyzer to open and,

Display a Bible Reference
Display a Bible Verse List in MW
Do a Bible Search
Open Dictionary Topic
Open Commentary
Open Book Chapter

This will make it convenient for ministers/teachers to utilize Bible Analyzer with their students.

If Bible Analyzer is not open the link will cause Bible Analyzer to open and perform the function specified in the link. IF Bible Analyzer is open it will perform the task with the current instance.

(There is a delay of around one second from when the link is clicked and the action performed in Bible Analyzer. This is a built in delay in Windows and not Bible Analyzer itself.)

These links will only work with the installed edition of Bible Analyzer. It will not work with the Portable edition. The reason is a small entry must be made to the Windows registry to activate the link URL and this requires the setup edition. (The portable edition will work if the user wants to make this entry in the registry. Here is a small reg script to install it,

Here is a sample page of the capabilities of these links,

PopVerse Intregation
A soon to be released version of PopVerse, our Chrome browser extension, will also have the option to open links in Bible Analyzer. We will announce when it is released.

Here is the v5.1 beta installer,

This is an intregated installer for both the Setup and Portable editions. Again, to utilize the links feature you must use the Setup installation (default).

Post here what you find in v5.1.

Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 7:12 pm
by wsbones
All the links work.

I notice that if BA is minimized when the html link is clicked, BA does show the result until you un-minimize it. If BA is open in a separate desktop in Win 10, it does not switch to BA in that desktop.

Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:57 pm
by John45
The link downloads v5.05. At least that is what the exe file says and is the reported version of BA when I open up About after installing it.


Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 11:54 am
by Tim
Yes, the link was being redirected. I moved and renamed it,

Sorry about that.

Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:01 pm
by John45
Thanks for fixing the link. I have attempted to create a user note set, but even after creating it, when I click on the Select Notes File icon, it only displays default and Create New Note Session. Shouldn't the name of the note set I created be listed?

Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:26 pm
by Tim
I see the issue with the Notes Menu. The new title will not show until BA is restarted. The next beta will update the menu when it is created so it will be available immediately.

I also found an issue when a note title is deleted (causes a crash). It will be fixed in the next beta.


Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:48 am
by Tim
I just uploaded a new beta with some fixes and a new feature,

  • Issue with new User Notes session not showing up until Bible Analyzer was restarted.
    Issue with deleting User Notes session.
    Crash when cycling through all the user highlighted verses when there are none highlighted.
  • Paste References From Clipboard Shift+F1
    Will scan the current clipboard data for verse references and display any found as live links in the MultiWindow.

    Paste References From Clipboard With Verse Text Shift+F2
    Same as Paste References above but also includes the verse text of reference in the MultiWindow. For references that have verse spans, only the initial verse will be listed.

    Paste Clipboard Text With Linked References Shift+F3
    Pastes the entire clipboard text with the Bible references as live links.
This new clipboard feature allows one to copy text from anywhere and extract the references, show the verse text, and paste the text with linked, live references in the MW. In the MW the page can be saved as usual.

Use the same link in the first post for the setup file.

Here is a link to just the exe file,
Just replace the current exe in your beta installation.

Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:44 pm
by Tim
An updated beta,

  • An issue with parsing verse refs for links with the new clipboard feature
    Issue with clicking Book link in Bible Reference Panel
    Issue with scrolling through Static Markup
    A Couple other things.
Use link in first post for setup file. This for the exe only,

Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:14 pm
by JPG
Not sure if the References From Clipboard can all be cleared. I delete all pages in Manage MultiWindow Pages, but I still have date visible in the main window.

Also it would be useful when selecting (not checking) the items in the Manage MultiWindow Pages, window, that the data is diplayed, so we can decide to merge/delete it.


Re: 5.1 Beta Testing (Windows)

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:11 pm
by Tim
I see the issue on clearing all the pages from display. Will fix. Will see about viewing page on manage dialog selection as well.